UNICORN - Color by Number Game App Reviews

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How do I unsubscribe? To expensive and don’t want it!

Way to expensive!


I love it, it’s so fun for your kids and you can color so download this app

So... many... ads

You have to scroll for about 3 ads before you can find a puzzle that you can play that isn’t paid for. You then have to watch an ad when you start it, and when you finish it. 5 ads for 1 minute of play? Seriously?

It is A fun app

I like it that you can send it to your friends

$8 a week? No thanks

Seriously. Price is absolutely ridiculous. Will not ever pay that. One time fee, yes. Not per week. You guys are nuts.

Everything creative

I like to color because I became a really good artist

Concerningly Deceptive

After being prompted to purchase their ridiculously overpriced premium subscription, I accidently laid my thumb on my touch ID, making the purchase. After (supposedly) cancelling my subscription, I deleted the app as I had no interest in it and only thought of it a week later when I got an email saying I had been charged 8 dollars. I recognize that mistakes can happen, but the most concerning part of this whole ordeal is that there is NO customer support whatsoever. Not only did the developer charge me after I cancelled my subscription, but the developer had no infrastructure to make amends with their mistakes. Be careful in making any purchases from this developer, accidental or not.

This app is awesome

So, there’s three things I love about this. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and amazing, so, yeah.


When I chose a picture from my gallery and I colored it all it didn't come out nicely, I couldn't really see much of the details in my picture (waste of time) but it did a little bit make my stress go away.


This is a good game but sometimes it does get hard and he gets a little stressful so that’s why I didn’t do all of the stars but it is a fun game I really like it and there is really good pictures to do👌❤️

👍🏼 👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿nicccccceeeeee!!!

Good game it’s nice but it does take a long time to color it I suggest to make it easier thanks 🙏-AV .


Chunky momma

The Best Coloring App

By far the best. While the ads can be somewhat annoying, it’s not too bad. Gives you so many options. Smoothest scrolling. Lots of fun

Not enough

There are very few free pictures. It cost money to unlock all the pictures and there are a lot of ads.

So much fun

It is so much fun to see my kid play she loves it so much and it makes her feel good about herself. I think she will color good because of the game.


Scam. Never sign up. Keep getting charged even after stopping a subscription I never asked for. Do not download!!!!


So boring and irritating and tedious. Nd I am an oil painter

Best game you can have

You’re allowed to play the game Without WiFi👌❤️,and it’s free

Great game!!!

This game is a great game.If you are a newb please feel welcome when you play it.

Just a review.

To be honest I love this game but you keep getting too many stupid apps and you can’t double tap to fill in something. It’s basically making playing this a game way more harder than it has to be. So I’m going off to go download sandbox. THE PROGRAMMERS BETTER FIX THIS.

Ridiculously overpriced

This app is great and fun and overall I love it except for the price. I’m definitely no stranger to spending money on apps that I like but I just can’t justify spending $8 a week for a coloring app. $8 is waaay too expensive and according to the majority of reviews I’m not the only one who thinks so. If the price were something more reasonable like $3/week or $7/month I’m sure a lot more people would gladly spend money on this including me.

Pop up adds

I don’t like how many pop up adds but the rest is fun and addicting.

New yoke

NLike it but not r Ply

Price Help? Please

The entire family loves this app. Please lower the price to something reasonable. The cost is insane for a color number app so I refuse to pay it. I would have no problem buying it if the price was a little lower.

So good

I love to color so this is my style.#UNICORN

I love it

Really fun and stress relieving I love it it’s cool



not that great

its not that great because there's sooooooo many pictures locked

To hard

I want to color something that’s quick not something with to much numbers


Nobody is going to pay for this garbage when you can go to the dollar store and buy 100 different coloring books and ten thousand pencils for the price on one month of this stupid app

Amazing game

I love that you can take pictures and color them

I love this game

Color by number book but in a n electronic!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😛😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

It’s great just one problem

It’s great just one problem it as toooo many ads.

Stop charging me

I was not aware that I would be charged for this app. I would like to have all charges stopped


It is so much fun!


I Hate This Game Irs Way To expensive



Make it Better!!

You need to make it look more like what the picture is because what I took a picture of does not look anything like what I took a picture of so y’all need to make Unicorn better I should get Sandbox instead they are better.


It is the best game in my life

What if...

Maybe people should be able to take a picture of something and color it in. If you by accident touch another square it shouldn’t affect it. Any you should have challenges, and be able to click something that says “ challenges with a friend” and be able to challenge someone.


I love unicorns a lot you guys rock thank you for inventing this game!❤️🤩🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

Besssssssšsssssssssssst game

This is a good game if you are bored


PLEASE MAKE THE APP COMPATIBLE WITH MUSIC APPS THAT PLAY IN THE BACKGROUND. it's seriously so annoying that I can't listen to music while I'm using Unicorn. I'm not going to pay $8 a week just because you can't manage to have an ad interface that doesn't cancel out other apps. This app is great but come on, this has been an issue forever and it's not a hard one to fix.


Hi good


I think u should let kids do more if they don't sign in and more pretty pictures should be on the set Thank u❤️


Can’t really do a lot without premium but other than that amazing


I hate this game is a bootleg sandbox,I tried to play because my friend recommended but it’s no fun,SANDBOX IS BETTER.


Awesome game if you wanna color your self get this GAMEEEE

Amazing app 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

I love the app 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Best app ever

Awesome app

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