UNICORN - Number Coloring Book App Reviews

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I love this app 😍😍

I love this app it’s so much fun


I hate this app. Don't buy it unless if you plan on dropping cash on this worthless trash-app. Recolor is absolutely better in every way.


Right when I downloaded this game, I was addicted. I will do this to relieve stress and anxiety. Whew. I was stressed and now I am happy as ever! If you are reading this review, I suggest you download this right now!

Best thing ever

Good for when you are bored😀😀😀😀

No enough options

It’s not fair you have too pay too get all the colorings. You only give like 15 pictures too color! And there is too many ads!!!!!!! I do not recommend this too anyone who doesn’t want too deal with no pictures too color and ads!!!

Make an update

You should tell when a person is done with a color plz.

It is not a good game

This game I loved and I made a huge thing and I was only 3 bloc away from finishing an d it lagged me off. This meant I had to restart the thing

Unicorn is better than Sandbox

I like unicorn better than Sandbox because on Sandbox it sometimes says you’re not finished with a color when you are, and it zooms in when you try to draw in a line which confuses me cause I don’t know where I am.

Mind blowing

This app is amazing the only thing is that I can't access all the photos without paying a fee.


I love this app I wish I could use it 24/7

Me encanta

Me gusto

Needs work on a Saving Portion

I was happy when I saw an app like this when I downloaded it and opened it I was a little surprised to see that somethings were locked well really most things were locked there are very little pictures so you can color for free though you can import any pictures you want now I thought this would be a great app and I was getting ready to write a great review but I decided to hold off and fiddle with the mechanisms a little more when I import the picture I put it on the hardest mode that you can and I started coloring it I had colored for about two or three hours when my app crashed the instant it crashed I was upset and I was frantic when I opened it back up and went to the image that I had imported it had not been so called said colored meaning that all my hours of work had not been saved and I had to restart that picture from scratch I was very deeply upset and I don’t think until this is fixed that I will continue on this app maybe when they have an update on this this will be fixed and I will come back but from now on I warn anyone who is wanting to color seriously beware to save your work every so often need an exit out and then come back in I made that mistake and it upset me deeply I do not want anyone who wants to color seriously to be upset good luck everyone.

This stinks

I thought this was great when I first played with it. Then I realized how limited access you have if you do not purchase. Almost every picture needs purchase access , and you need to watch videos if you want to color the pictures . The thing I hate the most is the advertisements that constantly interrupt and enjoyment you may have been experiencing while coloring the very few pictures that aren’t restricted to purchase.

Best game of the year

U just need to make it free


The pictures are fun to colour but there are only a little to choose from. And it’s dumb to pay that much

Its an awesome app

I mean this is a type of app if you’re bored or something and just draw and it’s so fun. 1 thing that annoys me is that you can’t do all the drawings that have a yellow plus or whatever and that’s almost all of them. The good thing is that you can import stuff too, so that makes it better. So if you like drawing you should get this app 😁

please read

make more free coloring pages or at least more opportunities to watch videos for more pictures. i’ve had to game for a day and have already completed all of the free coloring pages. now that i’m done i dont see a point in keeping it


When i import a picture and i load it in, the picture is just black.. help

Great game

You can import your pics and make 16 bit versions of them,I LOVE IT


Great app. Really fun. Some ads but not a lot. Great for road trips or long drives or even just to play when bored!!❤️

Plz give me membership

I love this e

Alyazia for UAE

I really liked this game so much I had so much fun in it I am in 6th grade and t making me love this puzzle or kinda of thing also I keep playing it all time.......... . Good luck thanks for your hard working


Love the concept, but I’ve never seen so many ads in a coloring app over ONE picture. There are MAYBE 3 pics to color per category unless you pay to get premium. Uninstalling. This is insane.

I do not know

This app is downloading on my iPhone👍I have been reading some of the other reviews and said that this app had to cost money ...$8. Is that necessary?Overall though I think that this will be a good app to fidget with!!

Too many adds

I always get adds when I every time it could reach more potential it a good app you should download it


It’s really not fair because people don’t want to spend money on apps that they really don’t need.

Best app ever!

I love this app so much! I released my stress because school has been really beating me down. I love to see the creations at the end. Also, everything looks cool pixelated!

Unicorns are the best thing ever!

The best thing is that you can draw your own pictures!

The best game ever!

This was the best game ever everybody should try it


I like the whole numbered pixel thing! That way I don’t have to many choices and go nuts! Anyway I do like it a lot but I wish it could also be smooth looking... but I guess you don’t always get what you want! I also have a feeling buying it will cost me a small fortune... don’t they all though... anyway it is pretty cool though

Read before u buy

The only thing cool about this app is making ur own picture and even then that feature should come free, it’s bad enough u have to pay for almost every single picture there is a better app called sandbox and u only have to pay for a couple and they have cool ones that u don’t have to pay for but even the ones that look like trash


Awesome for relaxation and color loving people

Ameryne Stoney age 9

I love this app make more!!!

I love this but...

I love Unicorn but I can’t do any of the Christmas Advent ones even watching a video. I can’t do anything if it tells me to get Premium or to Watch A Video. I think this should be updated. Thanks x


This is so addicting I this app you should totally get this this is so cool I already did all the hardest ones

5 stars!

I love this app so much! It takes a lot of time but since I'm 11 I have a lot of time on my hands so this app is my new fav app!!!!

Sound and music

Great game. Good to relax. But I wish this app has some sounds and music. It would be more perfect 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Es el mejor Juego

Hola les quiero decir que es el mejor juego de pintar y además entretiene mucho lo juego mucho.

Just got this

This is so much fun if your bored play this game! But my hand hurts 😭

Unicorn coloring!!!!!!!,♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

I love this game so much! Because I can play it on the bus. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t get all the coloring😭


Unicorn this is so addicting I can’t stop playing it. It also makes your brain work

They will screw you with the free trial.

Tap the free trial. Forget about it in three days and then get charged $8.00 a week for the rest of your life. For a coloring book. Make no mistake ... this system exists to screw over people. It’s gross, disgusting, deceitful. I’ve never understood how immoral people like this sleep at night. Luckily I got an email that said my kid signed up. It then took 15 minutes to try and find where subscriptions are buried in settings to cancel it.


Incorrect coloring on some spaces, and to overpriced


This app is amazing, minus the annoying vibration whenever I color the wrong spot. I color to help calm my nerves, and as a very jumpy person, the constant buzzing does the opposite. Is there a way to fix this?

No, just no

I downloaded this app because I thought it was cool how you can color in your own picture that you took! I was wrong. I took a picture of someone and first of all ,the cookies were way off and second, the pictures are horribly graphiced. I also think that you have to pay for so much of the designs when you can go to sandbox coloring (where this is a copy of) and get much better pictures, with much better graphics that are accurate in color and designs! I do not recommend. Get sandbox coloring.

It helps me

It really helps me consatrate

This is the best game in the world

I can’t believe that you can take pictures of things and color them but I think there should be more free ones but it is still amazing it’s so swag


If you like drawing get it

It was good but

It was good but it sent like 100 notifications in 2 minutes Also Subscribe to Nerd Chicken Gaming

Love it but

Ok so yeah I love this app but I would not want to really pay but still good

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