UNICORN - Color by Number Game App Reviews

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This suuuuckssss!!!

Please have more free colorings and I also think this a cash grab game please make more free things so I don’t delete this app

Subscribed. What the hell!

My granddaughter wanted to try this app and I clicked on accept and continue, the next thing I know I am subscribed to the app. I have no idea what it cost. Please cancel this subscription, this is BS that something like subscribe can happen when all I was doing was trying to open the app and the only way I could was click on the accept and continue button.


I like it but I want it to be all free!

I have one question

Does this take wifi? Because if it doesn't I can play it on the plane.


It’s a fun game but I wanted to buy the premium pack but that’s about 400$ a year that’s a lot for a kid

I love it

thank goddess you made this game🥇

App keeps freezing

I absolutely love this game but every time I open it lately it freezes after a few seconds and won’t unfreeze and I can’t use the app. Please fix, I really love this app.

Unicorn star

Hi there this game is really good for me and thank you.

This is the best game ever

This is the best game ever because I like to paint color and scech and this is the perfect game for me and my sisters we love this game so much that I play it every day but this is the ting KEEP IT UP! We love this game.

Simple is better

It has been the best experience of drawing EVER and a wonderful wide selection of colors and pics to color

El mejor juego de colorear del mundo

Me encanta este juego es súper divertido y cool🤩 me encanta es súper este juego me refiero a unicorn

Super Fun

This game is great and a great time passer, plus it is super cool. I can make a pixel drawing of myself!

Fun app but cost is pretty steep

This app is a great time waster. I’m handicapped and have a medical condition that requires me to spend many hours in a chair for treatment. I use this app while listening to music and it makes the time go by really quick. I like how we’re not limited to the default pictures, but can import our own and then make them as easy or as difficult as we want. The only reason this doesn’t get a 5 star rating is the $7.99 monthly recurring charge. Fun as the app is, it’s not worth $100 a year, even with extra features. EDIT: subscription cost is $7.99/WEEK! So if you do it weekly it costs $415/yr! There are monthly and yearly subscription fees that at considerably cheaper, but the app still doesn’t seem worth it and no where are the extra features listed. TO DEVELOPERS: I rarely look at past reviews for responses so please send an email to the Apple ID that is attached to the subscription with what extra features we are paying for.

The best game I ever played 💜💯💜💜💜💜💯💜💜💜💜💯💜

This app works perfectly and it is easy as well I love 💗 a great game to enjoy 😊 this game is perfect perfect perfect please make more games I love 💕 the creators. Thanks 🙏

Price gouging

$7.99 per WEEK for premium??? 😂🤣😂🤣 That’s $32 per month and $384 per year! For this app? Are the developers drunk or something? I wouldn’t even pay a $7.99 one time fee let alone per week. Thanks for the laugh. But no thanks.


You inspired me to love art

Unicorn magic 👾

So I keep seeing adds to get this app at one point I just bought it. It looked easy fun and cool I played it often until I realized one day when I clicked on doing another import it said to get preineum which is ridiculous. I get it that you have to make money but having this will give you a couple bad reviews. Also every time I click on something it shows an add! There are good things though one thing is it will keep u entertained I think the idea of pixels is cool though plz respond when possible and solve!🤠 like as soon as ya can!


I love unicorns so much and a while back was searching up unicorn games and I found this one I started liking it not just because it was called unicorn but also it’s super fun

Great game

It’s so entertaining and fun. You never get bored of coloring by number.#iloveunicorn

So addictive

I love this game so much can’t stop playing it is great for when you just want time to yourself just whip out this game and it will make you feel so much better I 100% recommendation this game

Good app

If you are a parent it is awesome for you to let your kids play on this so they can have fun and learn how to color without a mess of crayons

Please change the rating! Make it more kid friendly!

Love love love the game! Unfortunately not allowed to play because of the ratings! Super super annoying!


It’s amazing and calming if your stressed I really recommend it ♥️❤️


Best coloring game,boosting the brain


I love this game you can not stop playing it -Sailee

One of the coolest apps

When I saw my friend play this game I loved it so I downloaded the app this is one of the best apps but the adds keep on popping up and I don't like it


A great app but the outlines could be different shapes to make it more realistic


This’ll make you wanna say fabulous


This game is stupid!


This game is so satisfying and it calms me down so well. I can’t stop playing this!!! This is a MUST BUY!!


The app UNICORN is really awesome bc when I am bored I can go on UNICORN and Color.

I love 🦄

I love 🦄 because it is realy creative to do many different things on there.I love🦄

Soooo much fun!!!!!!

I love this game, it sooooo additive!!!! It relives SOOO much stress, and I love it!!! Keep on the great work!

UUnicorn pop

I did this arts


It need at be better

Why 4??

I don’t want to have to bye more buckets of paint 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩it takes me too long to 🎨 -Madelyn Burboa

I like this game

We can get a good deal

8 bucks a week!?!?!?!?!

This is a very nice, relaxing coloring app. I’m STUNNED at the price of 8 dollars a week. Hopefully very few people are paying for it, and the company will revise their price. It’s crazy to expect that much money. And I see that the developer will respond to these reviews and say ‘sorry, that’s our price policy’. Fine. But realize you’re alienating a lot of people who much pay a one time fee. Why be so unreasonable?

Me and you.

I just

I luv it

I love this app it’s really fun I love to see how at the end of coloring u get to see you coloring in time lapse

AWESOME game 😍😍😍😍😍😍

It is the best game ever! It is so easy and it is so relaxing!


The sliding thing doesn’t work much so I have to keep tapping

The great

It was so fun I love the pictures every me should love this game


I saw this app and thought, okay whatever just another dumb color by number app. I got and I said, wow! This is fun and it impressed me! The only reason I rate it four is because I don’t like the fact that you have to tap and drag instead of just dragging. Otherwise it’s amazing and impressive!😁

Best app ever

This is the best app ever because it is great for kids and grown ups so I give this app a 5


Hello, I downloaded the app and I must say, it’s really fun and addictive. But, I noticed something. So many pictures are locked! And so few pictures aren’t locked. Also $7.99 a week? That’s really expensive! I would honestly have it $7.99 a month, that seems like a more reasonable price. That’s all I have to say, over all it’s a pretty good app.

Love it

I love this game I just don’t like the you have to be a member to do cool pictures

how realistic the pics are

the pics u make are really realistic. i love how as soon as u click the last number it automatically goes to the next.

Misleading!!! Not free and slips through the in app purchase guidelines!!!

The app is only free for 3 days then they auto charge you $8 a week, that’s right, a week! My children are allowed to download games that are free and have restrictions on in app purchases but it looks like these guys found a loophole. Add this to the delayed email receipt from Apple and you’re looking at two weeks of charges at least if you’re lucky enough to check your email bills from Apple. Worst experience yet. Emailed Apple customer service about this and will be looking forward to chatting with them about this.

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