UNICORN - Color by Number Game App Bewertungen

The awesome game

I just love the game and once I played I cannot stop!

Love that!

A lot of the coloring by numbers makes you pay for sliding your finger to color your picture. But this on, I love that you can do that with all of the colors. More like coloring for my 5 yer old.

haha lol im totally paying $2 for night vision!!

Hey I think Apple made it already for my eyes.. I think it’s called low brightness mode...? I have no idea!!! so since I have all the money in the world i will pay for that! wait it means dark colors?! you get my point. this app is real bad. please make it better.

I love it

I love it!!! It’s calming and fun!!

Very good app!

I just bought this app and i really enjoy playing it. Its’s a great game to play especially when you are bored. One thing i didn’t like was that most of the drawing are locked which means you have to pay to use them. But other than that it’s a great app and i would recommend it!


It was confusing at first but then I knew it I got a little tricky but then I did it and it was fun

This app sneakily subscribes you for $8 a WEEK

Somehow I have been signed up for a weekly subscription for this app twice, and was ultimately charged about 40 for some dang coloring pages. I guess that’s one way to make money, but it’s shady as hell and you should be ashamed. Update the process by which you subscribe because your current method seems like it’s default or accidental!

Please read!!

I just got this game and I LOVE it! I love the variety of the pictures. I am addicted. It is perfect for when you are bored or going on a trip and you have nothing to do in the car. Although I have a problem. I hate when you press the wrong number when coloring and it vibrates my phone. I even tried putting my phone is silent and turning down the volume but it still made that very annoying sound. If it didn’t do that then I would rate 5 stars. Please fix this!! Thank you!! 😢😢


I love this app!

My colors is love

l like you colors att

I love this game but needs help

I can’t explan sorry I’m tired bye


I’ve deleted and reinstalled this app 4 times in the last 2 weeks, the only way I can get the new free pictures. And then it stops working again. Sandbox and Pixelcraft are better apps. And trying to just add a review is almost as frustrating.

I love this game

All I have to say is too many ads


Just so much fun always new things to color. Is also very satisfying


I love it!!!!!! The only thing I would change is that every picture is unlocked but otherwise it is a great app!😁

Oh my god this is super!

This app is amazing! I play this game for so long it keeps me up it’s amazing!

Do can do more

You are a good person to me and you can do more unicorn -Sophia


I love it


Not how I expected it to be but it look ok


This game is the best it is super fun super cool and great for just relaxing when you want to mellow down you can just color and it is super fun and different stuff to color this game is awesome

Why the music-stopping ads?

I listen to music when coloring in things, but I get an ad, usually they don’t mean much, I just wait through them and listen to music, but I get ads that stop my music, so I wait through the boredom, then exit the app and turn the music back on, and when I get back I get another ad, which also stops my music, just 1 annoying thing, overall though, the app is great and the features of using your own photos for just an ad is great

Photo every day

Your the best

I love this app

The app is great

Tim work

Color by Tim love color

As long as this deal goes on, it will be 5 stars!

Before you did the free pictures for an add thing, I played this game only once in a while. Now, I want to play this game everyday, and I will WILLINGLY watch ads for those pictures. If this deal stays on, I won’t complain at all ever about this app. Other than the previously mentioned pictures, nothing is wrong with the app! Keep your picture for an add deal up, and my rating will stay at 5 stars.



Not a very good app

I really really like the images, but I ABSOLUTELY HATE having limited pictures. The fact of not getting the real great pictures to color is exasperating. I hate that in order to do that you have to spend money. I 🤬 hate it.



Privacy policy?

It’s a great game, but I was wondering how private the artwork is. I enjoy coloring my own pictures and I think it’s a great idea for the app, however I question the safety of all of it. Is everything private? If I color pictures of my family or friends will it end up on the internet? Obviously, I do not want that, if I upload a picture I do not want it to end up on the cover page of the app or anything. I also would like to know how to prevent any of that from happening (the things from the sentence above). I do hope that the app manufacturers do not use any personal photos of family and friends to put on the internet as that would be awful. Other than that I wish the grey boxes were more clear so I can spot them better when I’m coloring. Thanks

Writing a review

Hi, I'm Rachel I played this game and, I also was in the hospital and stayed there 3 nights and you color by number when your sick so it’s not just a game but it’s also entertaining as well. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

$7 per week subscription???

Are you insane? Like the app, HATE HATE HATE the shady subscription model. Can’t wait for copy cat apps with reasonable in app purchases. Will change to 5 star when you switch to “packs” for 1 or 2 dollars. Shady AF dude.


How do you unsubscribe from the monthly update?

OMG I cant look away

This is probably one of the best apps I have I love it and I will never stop playing I can’t even look away it’s made me smarter as well and I’m very happy with it and every day I look on it either has a new thing or like something new and I I just can’t even it’s like but there is one thing it does have some bugs and I agree with the other person she/he is totally right sometimes I can’t swipe and sometimes it’s really hard to like get the ads to go but otherwise everything is perfect don’t change a thing except for the bugs.

Unicorn App

The Unicorn App is Amazing!!! I love how challenging it is. It really helps me set goals

Oops 😬

I meant to put three stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️not ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


This app is so addictive

It’s addicting

I Love this game it’s so addicting and so fun. While I love it there also some problems with it so bring out your popcorn people and here are my reasons why I gave it four stars not five. First I didn’t like how you had to buy the upgrade package to get the light and dark settings and the unlimited pictures. Second it was annoying to have to watch an ad or buy the unlimited package to make a custom art. I have played this game more than my others but there are some flaws that I think you shouldreally consider. Thank you for your time


Amazing game

Good app

It a good app to play

$9.99 per week?!?!?!

Are you kidding me????

It’s a great game

I liked this game but when I play the game I try to find artwork but over three quarters of the game’s artwork I have to buy. Also, I took a picture of myself to draw but for some reason it thought my teeth were blue and my hair is camouflage. I cannot draw much but it is still fun. 😎😀☹️😡

It’s pretty good

It’s really Laggy and there aren’t a lot of unlocked ones 🤧😪

Ok, but...

This is a great game, but the thing that kills my liking in the game is how much locked content there is. Yeah, there is a 3 day free trial of the premium version, but 3 days is not enough to enjoy the all the amazing content! Not only that, but the weekly payment is $9.99, basically $10 a week! Yeah, you do need money, but that $9.99 is a lot of money! A few ways to improve this is 1; Making a 1 week free trial, and 2; $9.99 total for premium version, personally I think that would bring more satisfaction to your customers!

I love the app but there’s only good pics for the people who buy the extra.

So yeah...

Can we just pay another?


Cool app but not enough coloring pages

You have to pay to get all of the coloring pages , that’s why I gave it a 4 star , but it makes me happy to color all the pages.



Good but…

Like all of it is locked it makes me so angry

Good but make the drawings free

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh make them free plz

Good game, just needs more options

So first of all, i like it very much. It’s super addicting and relaxing, but there are a few problems i have with it: Ads. There are ads everywhere, all the time. If i want to draw something, Boom. Ad. Just exploring the app, Boom. Ad. Sometimes i accidentally click on the ads and i’m forced to open the app store and it’s very annoying. Another problem is that it vibrates whenever i color in the wrong space. I can’t find any settings, so it seems there’s no way to turn it off. People ask me “jeez, who’s texting you!?” but it’s really a color by number drawing app... also there’s a limited amount of things that are made by the app to draw, unless you pay money to color by numbers... i’m not saying everything should be free, just add more free coloring options... also add more giant pixelated pictures like the ones in the fashion category, i like doing the ones that take a long time and have 60+ colors.

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