UNICORN - Color by Number Game App Bewertungen

جميل جداً


Love it

This game has colorful colors that make my day when I’m sad and what Iike about it that the cheerleader one had one of my favorite colors

More updates

I can’t color when I want to...I can’t always watch an ad to color something and I love this app!! There shouldn’t be a premium thing. If premium was gone maybe more people would actually download your app!!! EVER think of that. Just saying not trying to be rude, but y’all should really get arid of premium.

Dot to dot


Long but worth it!

I love this app! It may take a long time but it’s worth it. You can personalize your own pictures or choose one. This is an amazing app!🦄🦄🦄


I love this game it’s very fun and entertaining .

Unicorn life

I don’t like it I love it

Unicorn love

I just started this and its already amazingly addicting

Best Game Ever 😍

I love 💗 your game

Little tabs

One day the cat was waking by a Dnut shap

Great app but...

I got this app out of curiosity and immediately loved it. I color my own images my watching ads. There are many different types of images to color yet, me as someone who doesn’t want to pay money to get the Weekly Premium Membership found out there are many more coloring images for membership only. There are lots of images I want to color but can’t. I suggest to add a few more images for people to color without the membership.


I play this game every day


I love this game if I never played this before my mind would never believe my dream colors and colors you just I love colors of the rainbow and it's just that give this review five stars there's five stars on there so give this game is a five star because I love this game I'll color it every day even if I'm somewhere when I'm not supposed to be yet I will still be playing I'll still be playing this game in like coloring it's like math so the people that made this I'm gonna say y'all you are the perfect person who made that I will play everything when I see the author I'm a be crying in tears and I want to be doing that because just pl please God

Flies and honey

My kids recently got this app and are enjoying it. I was going to purchase it for them, until I saw the price. I was blown away at the $32/mo. I have never seen an app listed at such a high cost before. More expensive than services like Sirius, Hulu and Netflix. A flat fee of $8, and I would have gotten it for them without hesitation. Maybe even consider $8 a month as a middle ground, you'll get more people willing to fork over the cash. Unless you're using the high price as deterrent to maintain the high traffic ad's? Thank you for hearing me out.

Music please?

Please make options of different music in the settings open classical Kidz Bop you can add more

Awesome game 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

So calming


I love this game I thank you should play it I love it so much bye ❤️🤗


There is only one problem I personally don’t like the vibration when you mess up. Other then that I love the game.👍🏼👍🏼


GET THIS GAME NOW. Yeah,ok,alright.

We love this app



This app keeps me so focused but it’s really fun and is very calming and can take quite a while but it turns out pretty well 1 thing is they take a little to long

Get it now

Awesome game fun to play you should get it now


I’ve been using this app for awhile now and I am very satisfied with it.....except for two little things. Random adds sometimes pop up out of nowhere and I don’t like the fact of paying for coloring pages, it’s just kind of stupid.


Unicorn has many levels in pixel art from about 20 to 200 pixels, I find it satisfying and time killing. The reason I only gave it 4 stars is because the pixels full edition is pretty expensive for practically a coloring page with a screen. Other wise, I find it quite a fun game!

Color by number

Good. I love this game and it’s fun!!!!!!

I love unicorns

Thx for making unicorn coloring game I will always play the game and I wish I was a unicorn!!!!! So much!!!!


Love everything bout it but the one thing I think you coul add s that when you are finished the picture you were working on you can put filter and stuff like that. Please consider my ideas -BB


It is an awesome coloring by numbers game and and everyone should try it






i really enjoy this app it keeps you occupied and in the end you can see what you dis i love it!

Not the most amazing but it’s pretty good

Great game for when you are bored at school❤️

Good game

This is good game

Mirra that’s my name

I’m loveing it from mc donalds

How great the app is!!

This app is really good and I like how you tap on it and just drag it and it will draw what you want to draw!! I love this game it the only game I play and also there is a lot of drawings!!!Hope you download the game and enjoy!,😁

Great Game!😁👍❣️

Such a great and satisfying game!💖

The best blocks game ever

It looks so cool when you finish one of them.But the reason I gave it four stars is that most of the ones I want to do you have to buy them example the watermelon I wanted to do but I have to buy it.Every thing else is awesome.Keep on getting new things to make.

Sort of fun...But to EXPENSIVE!

I like the idea of this app and I think it is a good way to pass time like when your in a long car ride or plane trip. But I'm sure I am NOT the only one who thinks paying 8 dollars a WEEK is RIDONCULOS!!!𗀼𗀼𗀢𗀢𗀼𗀼 Sorry but that is NOT ACCEPTABLE!! .... I hope there are some major changes. But I am not paying for that!

Unicorn color by number

It’s a really fun game love it so much.

The way UNICORN is

It’s fun and cindove com and it’s amazing!


I can’t access all the art pictures

Love this!

❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 For a girl like me I hate sitting at a gym watching basketball do this app make time fly by so fast plus the drawings are so cute ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Luv it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love this app I highly recommend this app to people with a lot of time on their hands but I really wish that I can do more pictures without having to pay

The review

Hey this is a good coloring game


omg I love it u should try it guys! Trust me!! u will love it it’s a good rainy day game or sunny I guess BUT I LOVE IT AND I KNOW U WOULD RATE 5/5 ❤️❤️❤️


This app is the best I’ve ever used

Best game

It’s a good game I love it when I mad I play games and it doesn’t work so I use this game

Love it

This game is amazing and we love the fact that you can color multiple blocks at the same time and we love the feature that is you can take pictures and then color them.😁😉

Love it

So fun and easy.

Most fun game

It is really fun and it really catches my attention. Jus I wish that there wasn’t so much ads at the ending. You guys should play it

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